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Mr. Dinosaur Man

TyRaNnIcUsS (Trent, Also Mr. Dinosaur Man) ==

Little BioEdit

His likes: Cakes. Most positively. He also has big nostrils (Look at picture for confirmation) and large teeth. He is very friendly, and is a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C Redstoner Whatchamacallit. (He was the one who built most of the artwork in the old version of RhinoCouch and made the Couch)

As an AdminEdit

He helps others very much, eats tons of cake, and helps one again. He one time built boats everywhere and then randomly ran over lilypads with them to kill time, so no doubt that he'll become random with his admin powers. He even sometimes visits his buddys like Tristan and Chrissy and makes fantastic things (Possibly), and even doing youtube shows! (Like of course, Trap Tuesdays) :D

As a DinosaurEdit

As a Dinosaur he parades around with tons of leaves and shows off his huge nostrils to random people in his daily schedule. Along with the unlimited supply of cakes he carrys in his nostrils and pockets, he makes fantastic buildings, art, redstone doohickeys (Maybe a couch~). But, of course that can't stop him from killing the closest human possible to get on his Youtube account and check his subscribers, and then think of ideas for Trap Tuesdays. He has been partnered up and is now making thumbnails and decorating his page once more! Maybe one day he'll be the best redstone maker ever! <3

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