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Inspirational Tristan~..

Pht97 (Tristan)Edit


Tristan is very friendly and humorous when he gets on the server. People sometimes tend to bug him for things seeing as he is also an Admin of the Server. He has a real sister named Christina (Who goes by ChrissyKitty) and is some what of an Admin on the server. He also is very straight-forward and does ban/kick people if they do not follow the rules.

As the owner of The ChampsEdit

Tristan takes great pride in taking care of his Faction as he makes big architectures and strategic signs to help out his little followers with in the faction. As being the owner he also likes to make sure everything is in order and looking sharp as he sometimes sneaks up on his people to make sure they don't grief him of his riches.

As an adminEdit

Tristan is a very strict admin who will not give many chances to people who are arrogant, or too stubborn to listen to reasoning if he is on. Even when he isn't on, his IRL sister (Christina) would text him about the issue and he would hop on straight away to deal with it. He also gets rid of people with a push of a single button, but the people he bans/kicks are basically Hackers, Douchebags, Buttwipes, Noodles, etc