PancakePusher is an owner of the Rhino Couch server and is the youngest sibling of Orangegeye1000 (Keaton).

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Even if he starts out as annoying and immature, Pancake is one of the few people keeping the server intact. He often helps Nate123abc spy on potential hackers, and bans whenever he needs to. He tends to be very annoying at times to other ops, making them rage quit at most.

As a Minecraft playerEdit

Pancake is a fairly skilled Minecraft player. He inherits his skills, both survival and building, from his brother Orange, except Orange is slightly better.

As an ownerEdit

As an owner, Pancake can be abusive at times. Sometimes he will change other ops gamemodes and rocket them or he may even use the punish plugin to make them rage. Pancake will usually never forgive, unlike Nate123abc, and has a tendency to be quite a "troll".

As a YoutuberEdit

On Youtube, Pancake is known as NoahHeartsTubeSocks. As of now, he only has two videos which are both recorded with a demo of Screenflow.

He previously had a one episode series of a DS title named Fossil Fighter, which was in the end cancelled, even though it was the best potential let's play on Youtube. The let's play suffered from poor quality, lack of commentary, and raw unedited footage.

As becky123abcEdit

Before Pancake was Pancake, he had a Minecraft account named becky123abc. The username often attracted attention from most of the male players, as they thought Noah was a female. But soon after Noah clerified his gender to the server, he was usually ridiculed and taunted because of his username. Noah soon after one Christmas got a new account named PancakePusher, and the becky123abc account is used by some dude named Logan, who rarely is online.