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Orangegeye1000 (TonsOfKeas, Orange, or just Keaton) is the owner of the official Rhino Couch server.


Orange is typically a high spirited person who is rarely selfish or pesimistic. No one ever seems to get on his bad side because he's always welcoming whenever he's on the server.

Youtube CareerEdit

Orange is an avid Youtuber who uploads with a passion and aspires to be the best there ever was. He generally uploads when he feels like it, but whenever he does, it's always quality.

As of now, he is making a series on what he's best at, puns.

As a Minecraft PlayerEdit

Just by watching him play survival, you may think Orange is a really bad player, due to overreacting to almost everything and often times getting lost in small caves, but he is actually a good player who may not be the best builder but he does know how to survive when needed.

As the Owner of the RhinoCouch ServerEdit

As an owner of an SMP server, you would think he would be online a lot, but Orange is rarely on unless he's prompted to because of hackers or if a friend wants to play with him. Whenever he is online, he usually just flys around trolling people with various disguises.