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Nate123abc is an owner of the official Rhino Couch and is a younger sibling of orangegeye1000 (Keaton).


Nate usually starts out as a nice person when a player first joins. He occasionally stalks new players to see if they are legit or not.

A warning is to never get on Nate's bad side, he can and will ban over very small things. Nate has quite the temper and has banned a lot of players for disrespect. But overall, he's cool if you never get on his bad side.

As a Minecraft playerEdit

Nate is a skilled Minecraft player who likes to do everything legit. He's not the best and he does have derp moments sometimes, but overall he's decent.

As an ownerEdit

As an owner of the Rhino Couch server, Nate often abuses power. Sometimes he messes with other operators, but he's not careless and he more than often forgives if he upsets anyone. Nate will often drop by on other players if they are suspicious or if he's just bored. He's banned a lot of users in the past, and he's had good reasoning for most of them.