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Hey there. This is Zecon365. Thanks for acting on your nostalgia! (And sorry for the spam if you've seen this message go around multiple times! It increases the chances of what I'm doing succeeding!)

You may not know or remember me, but I was a dedicated member to RhinoCouch in its last 6 months before it ended so abruptly. I am still as dedicated as ever, as the nostalgia I have for RhinoCouch still remains 3 years later.

I'm planning on having a RhinoCouch reunion if enough people come back, see this, and show interest.

In the meantime before the reunion, I have found a Minecraft server with a similar style and community to RhinoCouch that you can play together on with your old friends. I have also set up a Discord server for you to have constant contact with old friends.

Even if it never happens, at the very least by becoming a part of the Discord channel and/or the Minecraft server, you increase the chance of finding old friends again. So I honestly and strongly recommend on becoming a part of this reunion project.

More details on the project and what you should do can be found here:

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